College student teams with digital media startups (in concept, in development or in operation) can apply. In keeping with the SXSW Interactive focus, all teams should fall into at least one of the following categories: Web and Online Capabilities, Social Media, Digital Entertainment (film and music), Gaming, Software, Mobile Apps, News and Information Technologies, Health Informatics, and Innovative e-Commerce.

At all phases of the SSM tournament, startups will be judged on the uniqueness and status of their product or service, the quality of the team, the size of the target market, any market traction they have generated, and the overall merit of their venture as an investment. Teams must have more than 30% of their founders enrolled in an accredited US college or university to be eligible and have a venture that qualifies as a “digital media” startup.

For additional help in preparing a good Executive Summary for investment, see Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of the Executive Summary” post.

Application Form

We’ll collect some preliminary information here, and then you’ll be directed to our preferred platform, Gust, for company details. In the Gust system, at least be sure to complete the Executive Summary information, but all documentation and especially a video of you pitching can be a great help.

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