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The 2019-20 SSM Semi-Finalists: (in alphabetical order)

360VR Technology from University of Delaware – 360VR uses virtual reality tech to provide information to emergency medical services about the interiors of properties in order to inform decisions and save lives.

Andy’s Beekeeping from University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Andy’s Beekeeping produces and sells pure, high quality, all natural, honey and honey products, including a trade secret called Hot Jalapeno Infused Honey.

Averto from University of Oregon – A crowd-sourced security-event mapping platform providing real-time info for people & orgs in conflict zones; currently active in Libya.

Biosolution Innovations from Michigan State University – Automate a complex part of the crop growing process, saving time and money while increasing production yields, reducing environmental damage, and making smart recommendations to optimize production operations.

CAPNOS from Michigan State University – CAPNOS helps people breathe better with a safe alternative to vaping and effectively satiate oral fixations.

CLLCTVE from Syracuse University – Provide college students a platform to develop their portfolio, showcase their skills, increase their visibility, and engage with brands, while still enrolled on campus

Door Robotics from Colgate University and University of Maryland – Door Robotics provides creators with 360-degree camera drones to develop next-level content on our easy-to-use software suite.

Drispy from City University of New York –

Flee from Purdue Northwest – Platform that maximizes inventory while connecting to customers.

Glyde from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University – An application allowing users to order, pay and interact with food establishments.

Graff Golf from Johns Hopkins University – A smart golf ball and mobile app experience that enables golfers to play, analyze, and improve in ways previously only available to professionals.

Instashowing from University of Oregon – Empower real estate agents to give their customers and other agents a more seamless showing experience.

KaleidoscopeME from Rochester Institute of Technology – KaleidoscopeME™ is an EDUtainment productions and software development company focused on the creation of movement, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning platforms for children.

Lingco Language Labs from Michigan State University – Lingco is an adaptive language learning platform for schools.

Olive Branch Pictures from Wesleyan University, Drexel University, Brandeis University, and Harvard University – Edutainment, Filmanthropy, and Conflict mediation platform using multi-narrative, commercially-viable animated movies and a representationally balanced production team

oneHolt from University of Louisville – oneHolt sells a system of smart home security cameras with an in-home server, using blockchain technology to fully secure user data.

Picture It from Michigan State University – Picture It offers virtual staging, architectural renders, and floor plan redraws for real estate agents.

Promptous from Syracuse University –

QuickTech Medical from Virginia Tech – QuickTech makes arthritic recovery faster, easier, and cheaper while improving patient outcomes by leveraging 3D scanning and AI tech.

ReBokeh from Bucknell University – ReBokeh is a startup dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with visual impairments through simple, comprehensive assistive technology solutions.

scrapIt Technologies from Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College –

ShoeBio from Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and University of Arizona – ShoeBio is a state-of-the-art Sneaker Search Engine.

Sike Insights from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – Sike Insights is an enterprise software company that uses an AI-powered Slackbot to help remote teams work better together.

Simulpass from Washington University in St. Louis – Personal Information Database and Identity Management System.

SKOOP from Michigan State University – SKOOP provides businesses in high traffic locations with the hardware & software they need to sell advertising on digital screens.

Somatic from Michigan State University –

Talklet from University of Chicago and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Talklet is an on-demand mental health service that’s informal and affordable.

Tammira from University of Southern California (USC) – A two-way video, on-demand chat platform for beauty users and artists/influencers that supports and cultivates healthier self-esteem and self-image mindsets for the young generation.

True Adherence from University of Utah – True Adherence is a real-time computer-vision based biomechanics feedback platform focused on revolutionizing in gym training through digital coaching.

True Owl from New Jersey Institute of Technology – Healthcare Tech startup focused on leveraging Machine Learning and AI to Predict Unplanned Hospitalizations.

UNICOILS from Michigan State University – Social media and product line that promotes healthy hair and confidence into women and men with curly hair.

Visos from Syracuse University – Visos is building the world’s most advanced VR headset, designed for medical use.

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